Financial Planning & Investment Navigator

Financial Planning & Investment Navigator


TrueNorth Labs Private Limited is a SEBI registered Investment Advisor (RIA No - INA000007614)


We are
Truenorth Labs Private Limited

A magnetic compass almost never shows true north.
True north differs from magnetic north and finding it is essential for accurate navigation.

Same is true with life. Many a times in life’s journey we are uncertain about where we stand, where we are going, which path is right for us as individuals. At such times, we need a navigator who supports us and directs us to follow the right path to discover our truenorth.

Truenorth Labs is set up to do just that. Here we leverage advanced technologies to create virtual intelligent navigators who guide you to rise above the chaos and discover your truenorth in various aspects of your life’s journey.

finpin is the first offering from us to help you find the truenorth of your financial journey.

What will finpin change in
Money Management?

The current financial advisory industry focusses on only the top 1% of the households, while finpin has been created to serve the remaining 99% through optimal use of technology.

finpin also observed that an average investor feels exhausted with money management since discussions are focussed only on savings and investing, advisory relations are only about conducting transactions and complex jargons and calculations.


finpin will change that with these core beliefs :

  • Everyone has a finite amount of money in life. It needs to be spent to move towards our ideal life
  • Real financial advice comes when life intersects money
  • Financial advice is not just logic, It’s also about personal choices and life’s trade-offs